Señor Chef is a company that specialises in School Fundraising Products
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Señor Chef is a company that specialises in School Fundraising Products


Señor Chef opened doors in 2002, when the founder and current owner, Mr. Piet van Zyl realized that there was a big need in schools for an organized project, that would enable schools to raise funds in a practical and easy way. Being an ex-teacher, he understands that schools are under increasing financial pressure. Sufficient funds are a necessity to ensure quality education. Our projects is a tool that enables schools to raise these desperately needed funds.     

Statistics you cannot ignore:
We commenced business in 2002, and 25 schools participated in the project, 55 schools in 2003,
146 schools in 2004, and from 2005, for the past 13 years, we have had nearly 200 schools each year!.
2011, our 10th year anniversary was our best year ever, with more than 220 schools that entered.

Why has participation grown so enormously?
Why do so many new schools decide to do our project every year?
Why do we have so many loyal schools participating each and every year?
And why is your school not yet part of this great fundraising project?

*see top achievers for the awesome results of schools*

What do the projects for 2018 entail?

Since 2005 we have offered you two different projects with totally different products. You can therefore choose which project you want to do, or even do both in the same year.

Project A: This project consists of the sales of Señor Chef Herbs and Spices, as well as selected 
products from Ina Paarman’s Kitchen, Walker Bay Products, Froggit Deli and Biggi Popcorn.
Project B: This project consists of the sales of Señor Chef Herbs & Spices, Marinades and also selected products of Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts, Cape Deli Biltong and Dried Sausage. There is also a range of Kitchen Cleaning Products, like Sponge Scourers, Multi-use Wipes, Dish Cloths, etc. Every year we also add a few surprises which can be used as gifts.
Both the projects and all the products will be explained, listed and illustrated in our section for project packages

Señor Chef is privileged and proud to have such a well-known partner as Ina Paarman’s Kitchen. Your school now gets the opportunity to offer selected products from Ina Paarman’s Kitchen directly to your community at normal shop prices. Parents can now buy these excellent quality products with their eyes closed while simultaneously supporting their school fund.

Each year Señor Chef strives to add a few surprises to our product list. These surprises seem to be big hits with our buyers!

These products, which they would have bought in any case, are delivered to the buyer’s front door - and they proudly support their local school!
Everybody uses these products – the school has got a 100% chance to taste success.

Everything in a two-week campaign!
You could easily meet your school’s fundraising objective for the whole year. ONLY TWO WEEKS and your school could maybe afford that school bus, computer room, or other apparatus that you need.

Please return your completed application form back to us as soon as possible, to ensure your participation in this project. Please email ( or fax (021 – 883 1597) us the application form. Señor Chef however retains the right to approve your application, because we can only accommodate a limited number of schools.

Under present day circumstances, money is scarce and parents don’t have money for luxuries. Through this project, parents buy products that they would have bought anyway, but indirectly save money they would have had to pay for higher school funds. All it requires is their participation and support. Together we can create a better future with more opportunities for our children.

Read through all the information, get the whole picture and then ask yourself: What am I waiting for?”

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We therefore offer you two projects that differ totally in products, but still works in the same way. This will give you more options for the future.


  • Schools wanted to do our Project A twice in one year, but we could unfortunately not allow this. Now we offer you two different projects so that schools who want to do two fundraising projects a year, could now do two different projects.
  • We only allow one school in the same town or area to do Project A, and unfortunately had to show away many schools. Now schools in the same area can do two different projects.
  • We also wanted to provide you with a different project that will be even easier to administrate than Project A. This project will be handled in the same way as Project A, but there will be less products in total on the list. There will therefore be much less products to handle.
  • Schools can now rotate the projects if they do not want to do the same project every year.

Seeing is believing!
These products are used in every home in South Africa.

Thus, the chance for success for your school is 100%. Every parent, neighbour, family member, colleague or anybody else that is approached, use these products every day. They will most definitely support their local school if there was a knock on their door.

As our partner, Ina Paarman’s Kitchen are a well-known company, in which all families have faith. Everybody knows the unbelievable quality of their products. This makes it simple and easy for scholars to market.

Señor Chef only sells its products in refills. All these refills are suitable for the 100ml bottles,
which are already present in most kitchen cupboards.

 This means that the products

  • Cannot be damaged or broken
  • Is small and light to handle
  • Is cheaper, because the buyer doesn’t have to pay for the expensive spice bottles again.

Over the past few years we have also established a brand name and products associated with quality.

Project B is unique to Señor Chef and the product list explained underneath were
carefully picked, so that you can participate in this project with peace of mind.
New products were added to give you an even  bigger choice.
Project B has a range of nuts, dried fruit and biltong that exceeds all expectations.

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Schools can present Project A in any one of the three School terms 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Project B is only available in the 3rd term. The under mentioned dates are for the 1st term of 2018. Dates for the 2nd and 3rd terms of 2018 appear further on. Now choose which project you want to participate in, Project A or Projects B. You can do only one of the projects for 2018, or you can choose to do both, but no school will be allowed to do both projects in one term. You can therefore do Project A in the 1st term and Project B in the 3rd term. You are not allowed to do 2 projects in following terms. We would highly suggest that you do 2 projects during the year, since the two projects have totally different products.

  • As soon as you’ve decided to participate in this project, please fax or mail us the application form (021 – 883 3597). After we have received your application form, we will evaluate it and fax or mail you the confirmation within 15 working days, if we have accepted your application. You must receive a confirmation of application email.
  • Parents must be made aware of the project and its aims through information letters. These letters can already be sent with the reports in December. Parents must be motivated, and family and friends can already be informed of the project in order to ensure their participation.
  • From 26 January 2018  to 9 February 2018 all project necessities supplied by Señor Chef, will be delivered. This includes colour brochures of the products, order forms, posters and the Excel program.
  • We recommend that this project should start on Friday 16 February 2018 and should finish no later than Monday 5 March 2018. You are more than welcome to start the project earlier and run it over a period of 3 or more weeks to accommodate parents who receive salaries on the 15th of every month. You receive your project necessities early enough if you want to start earlier. No order from a school will be accepted after 9 March 2017. The only important thing is that all schools finish on the same closing date.
  • On the day the project starts, every pupil should receive a colour brochure of the products as well as simple order forms with a list of the products and its prices. Initially each pupil should receive five order forms, but we are prepared to give more order forms for each pupil in the school. Pupils who have finished their first five order forms can then ask for more from their teacher. Remember, because every home needs these products, the number of orders you will receive, will exceed your highest expectations. Everybody must only stay motivated for two weeks and give it their everything.
  • The school can start each day with a register period or even only every second day, at which time orders can be collected from pupils. Every order must be accompanied by the money – thus CASH WITH ORDER
  • All cheques must be made out to the school and NOT Señor Chef. Records must be kept of the amount of order forms handed out to every single pupil and each order form must be returned.
  • A guardian parent, or two, could be appointed to help teachers collect the money during register periods. This will be a big help to register teachers. Such a guardian can check the money again and deposit it at the appointed person, while the normal school day can continue. Minimum teaching time will be lost!
  • A consolidated order must be placed with Señor Chef before or on Thursday 8 March 2018. The school keeps, and looks after each pupil’s separate order forms because the school will need it later to make up each pupil’s order.
  • Delivery from Señor Chef to the school can be on any of the following dates, as agreed to by us, between 16 and 25 April 2018. It is very important that these dates are emphasized to the parents so that they do not expect their goods earlier. Every pupil will also receive a special Señor Chef plastic bag for deliveries.
  • Payments to Señor Chef will be Cash with order. An invoice will be issued to the school within 2 days.  

We will give you all the help and assistance you could possibly need to ensure that this project will be a big success for your school. Please feel free to contact us for any information you might need to make your decision.

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Every home that is approached, would want to buy. Of these sales your school receives a whole 25%. With such a big percentage return on sales and with the assurance that almost 100% of all people approached will buy, you cannot let this huge opportunity pass you by. The total turnover that is possible with this project will not easily be bettered by any other project.

Let’s take an example:
If a normal household orders the following everyday products at prevailing prices, the total order will cost them the following amount: 

• Ina Paarman's Kitchen Chocolate Brownies R54
• Barbeque Spice (Refill for 100ml bottle) R17
• Biggi Microwave Popcorn R14
• Ina Paarman's Kitchen Coat & Cook Sauce R24
• Montagu Fruit Bars R40
• Walker Bay Spice Salt & Pepper Grinders R37

Only 7 different products, which are used every day, and the order is R186. And then there are still lots of other products that can be ordered. Just think how big some of the orders can get.

Let’s take an average size school with 600 pupils. If every pupil only gets an order of R186 at their own homes, the total turnover is already R111, 600. From this the school gets (11, 600 x 25%) = R27 900, 00.

That was quite easy for doing basically no work at all!

BUT: The big success for every school lies in the number of orders that every pupil can get – with Señor Chef this is what is so easy!                               If every pupil, except for his own home, also brings in 4 more orders of only R186, a school of 600 pupils makes R137, 500.

WAIT:  We claim the fact that no home will say no; therefore it would be easy for pupils to bring in 8 - 10 orders each. This will increase your school’s income to even more, AND this for a school with only 600 pupils. What about bigger schools with a 1000 pupils? Nothing is stopping you from making a huge effort for 2 weeks, and making pockets full of money. Smaller schools can mobilize their pupils even better than bigger schools, which means more orders for every pupil.

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All winners in each section receive another 3% of their total turnover. In 2016 we paid out over R33 000 in prize money!

The top 3 schools in each section will receive a hamper from Ina Paarman.

Stellenbosch Primary School had a total turnover of R446,872.00, which means they earned commission of R111 706.75 AND together with their prize money of more than R13 000 for winning their section. They have made more than R124 000 in just two weeks.

Junior Primêr De Aar set an average of R471 for their section!

C & N Sekondêre Meisieskool Oranje in Bloemfontein! Can you believe the average for such a big school!

Wittenberg Primary School also won their section, with a wonderful average of R1 202 per pupil.

Congratulations to all these achievers; you surely must have had the right ingredients for a winning recipe!

Many other schools made a lot of money in two weeks, with no extra cost to the parents. There is so many schools we can mention for all their achievements, but unfortunately we only have space for the above mentioned.

See if you can get your school’s name onto this page with all the winning schools! Or maybe your school can win the first prize in your section

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  • Decide up front how much money the school wants to make and tell this to the pupils. Dangle this carrot in front of their noses every day of the project. This will cause excitement and suspense, which will lead them to encourage each other.
  • Work for something the school needs desperately, for example a school bus, computer room, equipment, etc, so that the children know what they are working for.
  • Every class section should be given a target, which should be filled in on the supplied posters on a daily basis.
  • Class sections should compete with each other for an attractive prize that the winning class can enjoy, for example one school day off and a trip to a theme park, the beach, waterfront, etc.
  • There should be individual prizes, for example the top salesmen – R500, second prize – R300 and third prize R200.
  • The top salesmen in each class section could get R200.
  • Pupils could even get a certain percentage of their sales, for example 5%.
  • Register teachers have a big influence on the success of their classes. Teachers can be motivated by giving them a percentage of their class income, but then they have to meet certain goals.
  • Parents’ involvement is also crucial and important. They can take the order forms to work, to other families living in the same street, family, etc. They should be told about the project when the reports go out at the end of the year. We want to get all the parents involved and do not suggest that you do door-to-door sales.
  • Pupils, teachers and parents should constantly be motivated. Rewards could even be given to the top salesmen in every class section for the first week.

There are so many tactics you can use that might suite your school’s circumstances better. These are only a few ideas.

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You can download the schedule here: Shedule 2018

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Señor Chef is a company that specialises in School Fundraising Products