Senor Chef is a company that specialises in School Fundraising Products
Senor Chef School Fundraising Project Read How You Can Raise Money For Your School Through This Project We offer 2 great packages to bring in funds for your school Hear what other schools have to say about senor chef's fundraising projects. Download senor chef documents Senor Chef - Community Betterment projects. We give back to the community senor chef school fundraising news contact senor chef for your next school fundraiser
Senor Chef is a company that specialises in School Fundraising Products


“This is the best fundraiser our school has ever participated in. The least work and effort, with the biggest profit! All the kids and their parents are very excited and motivated for this project. The service of the whole Senor Chef team are excellent and will be hard to improve. We are thankful to be part of this wonderful project. ” - Annemi Bergh - Junior Primere Skool De Aar.



“To do any fundraising, is hard work, but with this project you make more money with lesser work. With good planning, this project will run smoothly, because you can depend on the corporation from the people at Senor Chef. All their instructions are perfectly clear and easy to follow. They do what they promise, keep to their dates and are always willing to help in any way. The computer program you receive for the project is very efficient and gives you control over all orders received and the payment there of. Products are good value for money and can be used every day. It is delivered in good condition to the school and only needs to be packed and distributed to the kids. This project can be recommended for any school!” - Mrs Serena van Niekerk, head of the fundraising project at Laerskool Louw Geldenhuys in Linden, Johannesburg



“Our school have been part of this project for 9 years. This is still after 9 years one of our biggest fundraisers. And the big advantage is the all the money does not necessarily come out of our parent’s pockets! It was wonderful to see how more and more schools could benefit from this project over the years. I remember when Piet van Zyl, the founder and owner, delivered our products by himself, with his bakkie in his first year of business. Every year the delivery vehicles became bigger and more professional, with bigger loads as the number of schools increased. The organising of the project really runs extremely smooth, thanks to good planning by Senor Chef. The products are really of very high quality and sell itself. We even get enquiries and orders from people who do not even have kids in our school any more. Thank you that we can still be part of this project! ” - Mrs Engela van der Westhuizen, the principal of Voorbereidingskool Fanie Malan in Upington



“This project is lots of fun and very profitable. We have been participating for the last three years, and every year it becomes easier to sell the products, because all the parents, neighbours and friends can’t wait to order. The products are of good quality and fairly priced, but best of all is that it is an excellent way of raising funds! Another big advantage is that it only runs for 2 weeks, therefore everybody stay enthusiastic and is prepared to give full commitment for the short period. The service of Senor Chef is excellent! They always keep their word, be it delivery dates or any other commitment. They will go out of their way to make sure that all mistakes are corrected and that every parent receives their orders.” - The coordinator of fundraising at Laerskool George Suid, Glenda Greeff



“This is a project with high quality products that can easily be marketed by the pupils. In a short period, schools can make good profit. The pre-sales and after sales service, is also very good. We can recommend this project to any school.” - The head of the board of governors at De Hoop Primary School in Somerset West, Sandra Louw



“This is certainly an easy and quick way to raise funds, because the products sell itself, and we as South Africans just love and enjoy our eating! As a tip to participating school: It works for us that each kid hands in a summary of the orders on the 5 order forms. This will decrease the admin to the project.” - The project coordinator at Augrabies Akademie, Ebeth Becker



“Thank you to Senor Chef for their exceptional service to schools. There is no need to beg for money, because quality products, which are used in every household, are always delivered on time. This is a wonderful fundraising opportunity for any school.” - Mr BS Leuvennink, principal at Darling Primary School



“THIS WAS THE Fastest way my school ever generated so much money in such a short period of time.” - Principal of Paarl Gimnasium High School



“A very easy fundraising project! We managed to gather a big sum of money with relatively little administrative work for the teachers. The products were extremely popular and it was an affordable, everyday consumable item.” - PAUL ROOS GIMNASIUM  



“This was one of the first fund raisers where I did not feel as if the school was begging for money.”
“These are products which are really used in every home. Pupils could proudly look people in the eyes, as they knew that this was simply a business transaction of which the school received the profit.
The duration of the project was short and powerful.”
- Ben Malan of Stellenbosch High School



 “A well organized fund raising venture. Forms are user friendly and because it’s a cash-with-order system, no hassle of getting/finding parents to pay. An easy way of making money. We exceeded our target easily. Strongly recommended!
- Deidré Burger of Boston Primary

Senor Chef is a company that specialises in School Fundraising Products