How does the project work?

Once your school has been accepted to participate in the project:

Brochures, order forms and other printed support material will be delivered to your school. These should be handed out to pupils on the first day of the project.

Parents should be made aware of the project and its aims via information letters. These letters can already be sent out with reports in December. Parents must be motivated to ensure participation.

Orders can be placed by means of order forms.
We recommend that , during the duration of a project, register period is, amongst others, used to collect order forms and monies.

A consolidated order is to be placed by the school on the last day of the project. Payments to Señor Chef will be cash with order and an invoice will be issued to the school within 2 days.

All products will be delivered to the school, after payment has been received. Revert to the time schedule for the 2021 projects. 

Application to participate

In order for your school to participate in the 2021 Señor Chef fundraising project, download and complete the
application form. Send you application form to 

You will be contacted within 10 workings days, to be notified whether your application was successful.

The two projects

We offer two projects, A and B, each with different products for sale. A project runs for 2 weeks. Project A is available in term 1, 2 or 3; whereas Project B (New Express Project) is only available in term 3. Schools can participate in one or both projects yearly. Only one project can be done per term and projects can’t run in consecutive terms.

The entire fundraising objective for a school can easily be reached within the 2 week duration of a project.

The products

Señor Chef branded products are sold as refills that are suitable for standard 100ml spice bottles. These products are small and light to handle, cannot be damaged or broken and is cheaper because of packaging.

Financial Benefits for your school

Your school receives 25% of all sales during the course of a Señor Chef project! Let’s put that into perspective.

Typical products and order examples:

- Ina Paarman’s Coat & Cook Sauce R30
- Señor Chef Braai Collection R90
- Cape Foods Microwave Popcorn R15

- Señor Chef Mild Curry R20
- Safari Berry Chews 4x32g R25
- Walker Bay Spice Big Salt Chrystal Grinder 360g R43


Let’s take an average size school with 600 pupils.

If each pupil only gets an order of R223 at their own homes, the total turnover is already R133,800. From this the school gets R133,800 x 25% = R33,450.00.

BUT WAIT: Each pupil receives 5 order forms. Imagine the turnover if each pupil returns all 5 completed order forms. A school can earn commission of far more than R160 000 in 2 weeks!

Would you like your school to take part in the Señor Chef school fundraising project?

Complete the application form to find out whether your school qualifies to take part in the Señor Chef school fundraising project.